Exactly a year has passed since our dear daughter Nitara came into our lives. Don’t know how fast the year has gone by. From seeing her blink her eyes trying to adjust to the new world, to her speed crawling and walking around the home and climbing up the two stories of stairs to get to the terrace many times a day, our baby girl has come a long way. She has grown up so fast and so much, the last one year seems like it all happened in a dream. And yet, it has all been real.

We have seen times of amazement and times of nerve wrecking stress, but what we haven’t missed even a single day with our daughter is the immense amount of love and happiness that she has brought to our lives.

Here’s to Nitara kicking off a new year in her life and to many many more phases of development and growing up.

Happy Birthday Nitara!


4 thoughts on “Nitara Turns One Today

  1. As a dad of two young girls, I can promise, time does not slow down one single bit, no matter how much you wish! I remember holding my first born in my arms when she was born… today she just helped me wash the car!

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    1. I know. When my daughter was born, a friend commented that they grow up so fast and I thought it won’t really be that fast. When you stay awake all night because your baby wouldn’t stop crying and refuse to sleep, time seems to come to a standstill. But then again, an entire year passes by and feels like just a moment ago.

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