Why Pee Poop Burp?

Ok, so about an hour after we discovered we were going to have a baby, I realized that it meant I was going to be a Dad (it’s a little different, you see?). Another five minutes later I knew I wanted to blog about this. But I was not certain because I was worried I would start the blog but might, after a while, stop paying attention to it and it would just die away. I do have a knack of doing that, in fact, my own original blog has gotten dried up over the last 2 years because I’ve basically not had the energy to keep going on. So, that could have happened to this blog also.

Over the weeks and months, as I started to think about being a father more deeply, the idea of this blog kept coming back to me. I mentioned it once to my wife and she said I should definitely start doing it. For a few days, I kept thinking about a name for the blog. But nothing smart came to me.She suggested something like Daddy Diaries, A Modern Dad’s Diary, etc., but I wasn’t really convinced. Finally, one evening I opened my laptop at home and seriously asked my wife for suggestions again – challenging her creative prowess. After a bit of discussion, we figured that it should be something different and she suggested Pees and Poops. I liked the idea very much but wasn’t happy with Pees (sounded a bit like peas) but then it finally struck me. I said to her, “How about the three most common things every baby does and which parents must constantly care about?”

“Pee, Poop, Burp!”

The moment I said it, I saw my wife’s face lit up. This was going to be it.


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